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Power Optimizer for photovoltaic systems

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Simply uncomplicated
Shadow optimization
The BRC Power Optimizer solves the problem of shaded photovoltaic systems quickly, conveniently and easily with the help of our new technology.
Maximum flexibility
The Power Optimizer offers tradesmen maximum flexibility, as it only needs to be connected to shaded modules and the planning effort for a photovoltaic system is reduced.
Plug & Play
Connect, done. Our Power Optimizer is not only the easiest to install, but also immediately active when connected to the module.
Long-life electronics
Our Power Optimizer has long-life electronics due to the new GaN technology, which is particularly gentle to the electronics and thus enables an above-average service life.
True stand-by function
Our stand-by function, which enables our optimizers to switch off when there is sufficient sunlight, minimizes energy loss and also protects the electronics.
Simplest installation
Installation is carried out without any special tools, software, training, apps, etc.
Maximum yield
Costs are minimized for craftsmen and end users. Craftsmen can design and build a system without high planning costs, as shading is no longer an issue. End users can achieve maximum energy yield.
System independence
Since our Power Optimizer is inverter-independent, it can always be used on any shaded installation flexibly without being limited to a specific system.
Due to our long-life electronics, we grant a 25-year warranty.

Roof surfaces Optimum use

With the BRC Power Optimizer, the roof area can be used optimally. With our product, shading is no longer an issue. PV modules can also be installed on shaded roof surfaces with the help of our Power Optimizer.

With our innovative solutions, we offer an important building block for the photovoltaic industry worldwide.

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How it works

Use shaded modules

If shading affects a solar module, all other modules will supply less power. The weak module reduces the power of all the others. Modern systems can prevent this by “switching off” the module. This causes a lot of energy to be lost and creates hot spots that can damage the photovoltaic system.


The BRC Power Optimizer allows the harvest of remaining energy of the weak module without weakening the performance of the other modules. This is enabled by our technology, which can change the relationship between current and voltage. We maximize the energy yield and prevent hot spots.

If shading affects on part of a photovoltaic system, the performance of the entire system is severely weakened. Even one partially shaded module is enough to reduce the performance of all the others.

Modern systems have the option of disconnecting the partially shaded module from the power circuit so that the other modules are not weakened. However, this creates the problem of hot spots, which can damage or destroy the modules.

With the help of the BRC Power Optimizer, hot spots are eliminated and, in addition, the remaining energy of the partially shaded module is harvested despite shading, allowing us to harness the maximum energy yield of the system.


Compatible with all common inverters

Our Power Optimizer has been successfully tested for compatibility with all common inverters. We will continue to carry out tests in order to be able to permanently assure inverter independence.


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