You are manufacturer of modules, inverters or complete systems?

We develop customer specific power optimizers for the photovoltaic market to increase the efficiency of modules. The circuits can be upgraded as an add-on or integrated into the module.

We make a point of:

Variety range using open concept

The BRC Solar Power optimizer is ready for individual OEM solutions. It combines power optimization with customer specific variants regarding casing and other additional functions.

Development and production

The quality of our products is very important. Only the use of high quality and reliability can ensure that the promises towards the customers can be kept. Therefore, we are working with designated manufacturers from the start, supporting us in production and market readiness of the BRC Solar Power optimizer.

Lifetime maximization using adapted operating times

Via intelligent activating process the BRC Solar Power optimizer is only active during shading. The long-life electronic circuits, specially developed for this application, lead to less strain on the power stage parts and thus to an increase in lifetime of the complete system.

Cost minimization with partially shaded PV plants

We offer a cost-efficient solution for partially shaded PV plants as the power optimizer is added only to affected modules. By using this product open areas can be used as best as possible and the efficiency of the complete plant can be increased.