About us

What sets BRC apart

Our motto:

Unlocking the untapped potential
of photovoltaics.

We, at BRC Solar GmbH, drive innovation for smart electronic solutions in the field of photovoltaics. Our experience and expertise in power optimizers make us a sought-after partner.

We are innovative.

With our innovative technologies, we develop targeted customer solutions. We are always on the lookout for new ideas to harness the untapped potential of photovoltaics in the future.

We are specialists.

As specialists in photovoltaic power electronics, we collaborate with our customers and partners to contribute to the sustainable expansion of efficient PV systems.

We are sustainable.

With our products and the vision to unlock the untapped potential of photovoltaics, we aim to contribute sustainably to the environment. Our goal is a world where every roof can be utilized for photovoltaics.

We are open.

We are an innovative team that values personality and trust. We appreciate short communication channels and rely on long-term growth. We work for our customers and shared success. We rely on the commitment of each individual and foster an open feedback culture.

We are determined.

We achieve our goals together. For us, this includes long-term thinking and a trustful environment. Personal exchange and short decision-making paths are our focus. Personal commitment and initiative are key to the success of BRC Solar.

We are personal.

Personal exchange, mutual respect, and short decision-making paths are a lived corporate culture.

Our history

From idea to innovation

The idea.

The idea for our company originated during the studies of one of the founders, Timm Czarnecki. From the beginning, the revolutionary concept was present: to harness the untapped potential of photovoltaics. The first prototype realization of our Power Optimizer took place successfully in 2017.

The founding.

Richard Brace, Pascal Ruisinger, and Timm Czarnecki jointly founded BRC Solar in the summer of 2018 with the clear vision of enriching the photovoltaic industry through innovations. With this clear goal in mind, we have succeeded in developing the optimizer from a prototype to an economically viable and technically certified, high-quality product within 3 years. We have also built a steadily growing company with over 20 employees.

The future.

We collaborate with our customers and partners to achieve a sustainable expansion of efficient rooftop PV systems. To accomplish this, we offer easily applicable, flexible, and reliable products. We place particular emphasis on close cooperation with industry leaders and a product that is friendly to installers.

Working at BRC Solar

Looking for an exciting job, internship, or apprenticeship? We offer new opportunities in future technology. Find out here what we have to offer.

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