BRC Opticharge
11 (Display)

High-quality wallbox for e-cars

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Your advantages

Simply uncomplicated
Status monitoring
The built-in LCD display provides permanent information on the charging time and charge level, which can also be called up via the app.
Maximum safety
Through various safety detections such as emergency shutdown, residual current detection and temperature monitoring, we provide the maximum safety.
There are 3 modes in with which our wallbox can be operated and controlled: Plug & Charge, RFID card and app.
Manufacturer independence
The BRC Opticharge 11 (Display) is manufacturer independent and is compatible with any type 2 electric car.
Monitoring via app
Our app allows you to control your Wallbox remotely and monitor various data.
Easy assembly
The BRC Opticharge 11 (Display) can be easily mounted and offers the option of wall mounting and stand mounting.


We offer a product which, in addition to high quality, can also score with a modern design. The BRC Opticharge 11 is an eye-catcher for every house wall and every carport.

We convince through quality.


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