Whether shading or heavy soiling.
BRC power optimizers ensure maximum energy yield.

Through an intelligent activation process the power optimizer is only active as long as there is reduced irradiance.

This leads to increased efficiency and higher system reliability. Failiures due to lost Communication can no longer occur.

The PV system is efficient and reliable.


No communication needed

BRC power optimizers do not need communication. They optimize independently of each other and are not inverter-specific.

Smart optimization

Module optimization only when needed. When no optimization is needed the optimizer shuts down to prevent unneccessary power losses.

Made in Germany

From development to production the BRC power optimizer is entirely manufactured in Germany.

Plug and Play

Easy installation on the module frame. Connect the power optimizer to the module. No further installation required.


The careful planning of a PV system is complex and requires time in addition to expertise. When even more difficult roof structures and shading are involved the effort increases even further and leads to high costs.

The BRC power optimizer reduces the effort and also allows the efficient use of shaded roof areas.


Installation occurs directly on the module frame or elevation. Thus, the power optimizer can be easily prepared and only has to be electrically connected to the PV string during mounting of the PV module.

No further component installation additional configuration or programming of the power optimizers required.


The BRC power optimizer can easily be retrofitted to existing solar modules. During maintenance, cleaning or replacement of defective modules the power optimizers can easily be connected to the desired PV modules.

This allows you to cost-effectively offer your customers an upgrade of their existing system and increase efficiency. Especially with high EEG feed-in tariffs this offers a lucrative improvement.