Our Module optimizer is intended for a single PV module. The maximum input voltage is 55V and the maximum input current is 12Amps. The optimizer is designed for common PV modules with up to 300Wp.
Yes. The module optimizer is designed without communication with the inverter or other units. Shoud shading occur the module optimizer activates itself and automatically shuts down when the shading has dissapeared.
Yes. Different irradiance has the same effect as shading. Therefore the module optimizer can harvest the energy of the less irradiated modules. Note however each module must be equipped with a module optimizer. Test systems are currently planned to investigate this question further.

We are currently in the last steps of our production stage. Estimated availability of the module optimizer is Q3 2019.

The BRC Solar module optimizer performs MPP tracking on module level. No global MPP tracking is performed, therefore no bypass diodes are activated. Active bypass diodes lead to additional power losses and possible module failure if exposed to long shading periods.