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Projects / Theses / Internships

  • Electronics development
    The circuit developed at the University of Karlsruhe solves the hotspot problem and optimizes each cell strand to its individual MPP if required. The electronic circuit can be equipped to all common module types and, compared to previous integrated module optimizations, requires no change in production significantly reducing the costs for module manufacturing. The electronics are developed as a collaboration between the Karlsruhe University Of Applied Sciences and BRC Solar and are distributed to module manufacturers.

    • Familiarization with the previously developed electronics
    • Selection of a suitable microcontroller to control the circuit
    • Combination with the previously separate DC/DC converter to a single circuit
    • Commissioning of the new electronics and functional tests
  • Marketing / Design
    In order to succeed in the market, it not only requires a good product, but also a professional appearance. For this we are looking for support in the field of corporate design. On the basis of used design templates, flyers for various products and customer groups are to be created. To ideally represent the advantages of the products images and diagrams are to be prepared. In addition marketing materials such as roll-ups for fairs are needed.

    • Creation of diagrams and images for advertising purposes
    • Creation of a corporate design using design templates
    • Creation of flyers and roll-ups
  • Technical documentation
    It is imperative to create documentation for the proper handling of a product. In electrical engineering, proper handling of the equipment is not only important to the expert, but also to the end user. Our circuits are used in difficult environmental conditions and must therefore be installed according to the requirements. Maintenance must also follow specifications. For this we need operating manuals and installation guides to specify the correct use of the electronics.

    • Creation of an installation guide
    • Creation of an operating manual
    • Creation of technical documentation of future products